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Liquid Oils

Gold Drop Sunflower Oil

Gold Drop Sunflower oil is a prime quality cooking oil used for cooking, deep fat and shallow fat frying, emulsified sauces, marinades and many other uses


  • Contains high Unsaturated Fatty Acids making it a healthy oil
  • Maximum shelf life and Cholesterol free
  • High smoking point and useful for multiple frying times without significant degeneration over longer periods
  • Ensures lighter product colour, and a higher and tastier product
  • Minimal oil absorption
  • Helps in maintaining better hygiene as the oil is less greasy

Gold Drop Ground Nut Oil

Gold Drop Ground Nut Oil is a superior edible oil with several uses in cooking and frying and is one of the favourite oils used in traditional Indian cooking.


  • Possesses all the goodness of peanuts and their nutrient value hence is a valuable aid to delightful cooking
  • Gold Drop ground nut oil is an aromatic oil which complements the flavour of several traditional Indian cuisines
  • Higher shelf life
  • Relatively lesser degeneration than other brands of peanut oil
  • Results in tastier and better quality products

Gold Drop Palmolein Oil

Gold Drop Palmolein Oil is a good quality vegetable cooking oil useful for several culinary purposes including tempering, deep frying, pan frying and basting.


  • Relatively lower cost with equally good output of cooked product
  • Oil based on extraction from the pulp of the Palm fruit
  • Product promotes sustainable agriculture

Gold Plus Sunflower Oil

Gold Plus Sunflower is a good quality vegetable cooking oil useful for several culinary purposes including tempering, deep frying, pan frying and basting.


  • Gold Plus Ground Nut Oil
  • Gold Plus Blended Vegetable Oil

Gold Drop Vanaspathi

Gold Drop Vanaspathi is a high quality solid fat used for several purposes such as fried snacks, desserts and traditional pulaos and biryanis.


  • Superior in texture and feel
  • Richer in taste and mouth feel
  • Acts as a balanced shortening in preparation of many Indian snacks and desserts

Gold Plus Vanaspathi

Food Industry

Puffs and Khari

Lohiya Puff – Yellow Label for Commercial Bakeries

Lohiya Puff – Pink Label for Show Room Bakeries

Lohiya Puff is a first class bakery shortening for use in preparation of all kinds of puff and khari products in the commercial and traditional baking segments.


  • Renowned and superior over traditional brands
  • Outstanding product quality
  • Brings rich feel and crisp texture to finished products
  • Richer lamination and plasticity
  • Adds higher taste and mouth feel
  • Long shelf life

Bake & Cake – Blue Label for Premium Quality Biscuits

Bake & Cake is a much sought for premium class bakery fat used in the manufacture of premium quality biscuits, goodies and cookies across the bakery segment.


  • Outstanding trans free fat
  • Premium choice of solidified vegetable fat
  • Enables easier dispersion and better shortening
  • Outstanding product goodness achieved
  • Crispier, crunchier and tastier goodies

Lohiya Cookies – For Premium Cookies

Lohiya Cookie is an exceptionally crafted product bringing forth phenomenal quality baked goods such as cookies and biscuits.


  • Manufactured using high quality processing technology
  • Outstanding rendering for shortening in baked goods
  • Excellent taste and rich mouth feel
  • Higher shelf life and longevity
  • Produces highly appreciable crunchiness to biscuits and cookies

Cakes and Creams – Lohiya Cream for Icing and Creaming

Cakes and Creams is specially used in the preparation of high class iced cakes, both as a blended fat in the batter as well as an icing and a topping.


  • Vegetable fat with excellent dispersion qualities
  • Taste reminiscent of rich butter
  • Easily blending shortening for cake batters
  • Extended volume and richer taste
  • Suitable for icings, creams, muffins and short breads

General Purpose Shortening – Bake and Cake – Green Label

Bake and Cake Green Label is a general purpose shortening that is suitable for traditional bakeries and is a versatile product that has distinct attributes and hence suitable over a range of applications.

Future Products

  • Lohiya CBS
  • Margarines
  • Customised Oils and Fats

Lohiya Group also renders customer specific products with product qualities that are fully customised for bulk consumers.