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Lohiya Group

Kanhaiyalal Lohiya – Founder Chairman

Mr. Kanhaiyalal Lohiya as the Founder Chairman of the Lohiya Group was the chief force behind the formation of the company and has been essentially responsible for bringing the organisation to its present exalted stature. An Engineering Graduate, Mr. Kanhaiyalal through his exposure to business concepts quite early in his career, was quick to grasp the subtle nuances of successful businesses and imbibed them in Lohiya Industries as the company grew.

The company had its humble origins and its initial hiccups; perhaps a tad too many; at times jeopardising its very continuance. However it was the sheer acumen, a diehard determination and the uncompromising dedication of Mr. Kanhaiyalal that steered the company clear out of every hurdle and set its growth charter. His drive and dynamism proved to be exemplary to many of his peers as they marvelled at his ingenuity.

Today the Lohiya Group commands one of the most loved edible oil brands in India, Gold Drop, owing to Mr. Kanhaiyalal’s ingenious endeavours. As one of the first generation entrepreneurs in the edible oil sector of India, Mr. Kanhaiyalal Lohiya, with his long standing experience, exemplary dynamism and unchallengeable prowess, is an iconic figure in the Indian industry and stands tall among some of the most successful businessmen of Independent India.

Mahaveer Lohiya – Managing Director

At the helm of the operations of the Lohiya Group, Mr. Mahaveer Lohiya as the Managing Director has been instrumental in bringing in radical changes to the company after its inception, through his innovative and progressive initiatives.

With a Masters in Business Administration and his outstanding exposure to the delicate subtleties of successful businesses, Mr. Mahaveer Lohiya’s profile sparks astute business intelligence and perspicacity. An expert in Marketing, Finance and Purchase, Mr. Mahaveer has been to some of the most developed nations globally to study and acquire the knowledge and the technology which after being replicated in the company’s plants and management system have tremendously improved the group’s performance.

Mr. Mahaveer’s keen sense of discernment and his modern and scientific management skills have given a fresh impetus to the growth of the Lohiya Group. With a focused vision and his exceptional business strategy Mr. Mahaveer has demonstrated stunning and unique approaches to leverage the company’s success with the obvious result that the company has now forayed into a much larger spectrum.

Venu Gopal Lohiya – Director

As one of the core members of the Lohiya Group’s Management Board, Mr. Venu Gopal Lohiya is one of the core Directors of the group and plays an adjunctive role to the Managing Director Mr. Mahaveer Lohiya.

With exceptionally strong skills in Marketing and PR, Mr. Venu Gopal has been responsible for several initiatives that have brought the group closer to its objectives. Whether it is his knowledge of the management system or his Human Relations or his Public Relation skills, few match his striking abilities.

As one of the key management personnel of the Lohiya Group, Mr. Venu Gopal’s business sense has brought in commendable accolades from peers; as such he is one of the principal driving forces in the company.

Kishan Lohiya – Director

Mr. KIshan Lohiya hails from a more contemporary and modern school of thoroughbred businessmen and is actively involved in the company’s production, purchase and finance components. Possessing excellent expertise in the production processes and thorough command of the operational cycle, he plays a key role in monitoring the plant and delivery systems.

In conjunction with the other Directors of the board, Mr. Kishan has brought in novel business systems and contemporary technology that have simplified several processes within the core operations of the group.